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Commercial Litigation Attorneys

At Davis Bucco & Makara, we stand as an industry-leading team of commercial lawyers known for providing dedicated legal representation in commercial litigation. With a combined 35+ years of esteemed litigation success across the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, our firm ensures that your case is pursued with unwavering determination and commitment.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Trial-Ready Advocacy: Our seasoned team of trial lawyers is always primed to take your case to verdict if the situation demands.
  2. Efficiency & Effectiveness: While litigation can be complex and costly, we prioritize strategic approaches to ensure swift, cost-effective resolutions tailored to our client’s objectives.
  3. Accessible & Committed: At DBM, our clients are paramount. We remain accessible at all hours, ensuring open communication and an understanding of your needs.

Our Prowess in Litigation:

Harnessing both the power of the law and insights from critical industry trends, our attorneys offer unparalleled results. We have managed numerous litigation matters, from the nascent stages of pre-litigation claim presentations to the depths of trials and arbitrations. Our forte spans:

  • Breach of Commercial and Government Contract claims
  • Payment and Indemnity disputes
  • Shareholder issues and Construction-related claims
  • Non-compete, trade secrets, and employment issues
  • Professional negligence, Insurance matters, and Real estate disputes
  • And much more, all focused predominantly within the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Commercial and Government breach of contract claims
  • Payment disputes
  • Indemnity claims
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Construction delay, acceleration & termination claims
  • Unknown conditions claims, including “pass-through” claims
  • Surety claims
  • Quiet title matters
  • Non-compete/non-solicit/trade secret matters
  • Civil rights and employment claims
  • Contract interpretation claims
  • Professional negligence claims Insurance coverage claims
  • Eminent domain claims
  • Commercial and residential lease disputes
  • Real estate conveyance matters, including offer to purchase/ P&S agreement disputes
  • Administrative agency appeals to the trial courts

Handling Public Relations in Litigation:

Unique to our practice is our adeptness at guiding clients through public, governmental, and media relations challenges that might surface due to litigation. We ensure our clients remain not just legally, but also publicly safeguarded.

Client-Centered Approach:

At the core of our litigation strategy is the client. Your objectives, budgetary considerations, and requirements remain our central focus. At Davis Bucco & Makara, every case is a testament to our collective endeavor as one cohesive team, tirelessly working towards achieving the unique objectives of each client.

Partner with us and experience the dedication, effort, and commitment of the Davis Bucco & Makara team. Your success is our mission.