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Welcome to Davis Bucco & Makara – your trusted partner for premier corporate & business legal solutions. From the heart of Pennsylvania to every corner of the Mid-Atlantic states, our 35+ years of experience and industry-leading corporate lawyers have been the cornerstone of countless successful outcomes for our clients.

Who We Are

With a rich heritage rooted in dedication, precision, and unwavering client commitment, Davis Bucco & Makara emerges as the gold standard in corporate & business law in the region. Our passion for excellence has been seen across state borders, making us the preferred choice for businesses in need of top legal representation.

Our Core Focus:

  • Contract Management: Whether you’re battling a breach or focused on drafting ironclad agreements, our team is experienced at every facet of contract law.

  • LLC Dynamics: From disputes to strategic counsel, lean on us for a full-set of LLC insights.

  • Business Blueprint: Whether it’s formation, incorporation, or the process of mergers, trust our proven business attorneys to lead the way.

  • Financial Acumen: Handle the world of business loans with confidence from our legal insight to make sure your interests remain protected.

  • Partnerships Perfected: Creating, managing, or resolving partnership challenges? We’ve handled both simple and complicated partnership legal matters.

  • Dispute Resolution: Our renowned team brings to the table adept negotiation skills and tactical strengths, ensuring partner disputes are handled with tact and finesse.

Why Choose Davis Bucco & Makara?

  • Regional Presence, Personal Touch: Our deep understanding of the Mid-Atlantic business landscape combines with a personalized approach, ensuring our lawyers form strong legal solutions tailored for success.

  • Diverse Experience: From the formation stages to unforeseen disputes and expansion opportunities, we’ve championed it all.

  • Proactive Approach: We don’t just respond; we anticipate. Our forward-thinking attorneys and strategies ensure your business is always a step ahead.

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Harness the power of unmatched legal experience with Davis Bucco & Makara. Join hands with a firm that truly understands the intricacies of corporate & business law in the Mid-Atlantic region.