Stucco Problems & Water Leaking

Dealing with Water Leaks?

It could be caused by stucco problems.

Throughout America, there are millions of homeowners who have beautiful stucco exteriors on their houses. Stucco may make your home more visually appealing, but as an owner of a stucco home you may also face unwanted and dangerous issues.

In most cases, common stucco problems like leaking windows, peeling and staining are not your fault. The attorneys at Davis Bucco have the experience and resources to help ease the financial burden of dealing with stucco problems.

We help homeowners with stucco or similar exterior finishes recover the costs to repair damage.  If you have experienced water or moisture problems in your home, you may be entitled to recover the cost of repairs.

Common occurrences that may be an indication of stucco problems include:

  • Water leakage around windows
  • Black mold around windows on interior or exterior (stucco molding)
  • Staining around windows on drywall
  • Peeling or discolored stucco
  • Staining of the stucco under the corners of the windows or skylights
  • Stucco cracking

If you have stucco and are experiencing any of the above issues, contact the experienced attorneys at Davis Bucco. We can assist you in the process of solving your stucco related problems, including coordinating testing and investigation with experts qualified to identify the cause of your problem.

Contacting an attorney who has experience in construction-related matters is important to obtaining the recovery of repair costs.

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